Aperture Bookends Keep Lab Spaces, er, Bedrooms Clean

Wanna freak your kid out? Issue this warning before presenting these nifty bookends … “Please be advised that tidiness of all bedrooms … I mean, Aperture Laboratories work spaces … must be maintained according to written policy. Mom and Dad … I mean, the Enrichment Center … regrets to inform you that all written policies […]

Companion Cube Onesie

Oh Companion Cube, how I loved thee! Even as I incinerated you. Seriously, though, if your get your wee one this sweet onesie to wear, you really should take better care of him than you did your Companion Cube. I lost the instruction manual that came with my kid, but I’m pretty certain the manufacturer […]

Portal Art Print

Turns out Society 6 has an excellent collection of beautiful wall prints to help your kids display their inner nerd. This particular image is one of my favorites and adds a flavor of something epic to the quirky and humorous world of Portal. Reminiscent of old school 80’s science fiction flicks that took themselves entirely […]

PotatOS Science Kit

There exists a favorite American pastime wherein children barely old enough to write a complete sentence are forced to create something that demonstrates their understanding of the fundamental laws of nature: the Science Fair. The result? A gymnasium filled wall to wall with nothing but potato batteries and the occasional vinegar-fueled volcano. Portal 2 gave […]

Wheatley Key Chain

So if your children have not yet played Portal or its successor, Portal 2, it better be because they are too young to have full control of their small-twitch muscle fibers. There is no finer game to educate young minds (and old minds for that matter), and Valve is actually working hand in hand with […]