Teaching Your Kids to Program: Variables & Data Types

So, we’ve touched on the “grammar” of programming languages, and we’ve dug a little into how programs are structured, so let’s go a little deeper into how programs handle data. If you’re totally new to programming, the terms “variables” and “data structures” might seem like an evocation of some sort of physical embodiment of information. Technically, […]

7 Tools To Turn Your Child Into A Computer Scientist

Are you looking for ways to get your kids interested in computer science? Here’s the good news: You don’t have to wait until they are in high school before exposing them to programming. Matter of fact, you can start them off fairly young. We’ve written on this subject before, but we thought you guys would […]

HTML for Babies

Web designers know there’s often a huge disconnect between what a client asks for, what the client really wants, and what the designer can deliver; this issue is exacerbated when the programmer doesn’t even know his or her ABC’s, let alone HTM and L. You’re probably wondering why you’d start teaching your baby HTML. Short […]

C-Jump, the Computer Programming Board Game

Computer programming education starts younger and younger – but it’s still too early, and comes with too steep of a learning curve, for many students. While educational children’s entertainment and games teach many valuable skills, few can traverse the abstract/mechanical divide that must be crossed in order to understand computer programming.  C-Jump encourages kids (and […]