Making Children’s Theater Interesting & A Little Steampunk

“In this time, 1866,” says a young man wearing a bowler hat and goggles, “few people had ever heard of a submarine, let alone seen one.” His partner in the vest nods emphatically to the crowd, as she adds, “But Jules Verne had! And it inspired him to invent this marvelous ship!” The duo runs […]

Jack and Meg Finger Puppets: Indie Rock at Your Child’s Fingertips

Oh, man, I almost fell out laughing when I saw these Jack and Meg White finger puppets, and then I remembered how much fun my daughter had playing with finger puppets when she was just a toddler. Of course, my kid had the middle-of-the-road variety. You know, giraffes, lions, monkeys. Crap like that. Well, we […]

Mr. Monsta Hand Puppet

Puppets are great toys for kids with gigantic imaginations. If that puppet happens to be a dragon/monster with wings who’s eating a car, then your child is guaranteed to embark on a fantastic adventure. Mr. Monsta comes complete with bobble eyes, wings, and three giant teeth. was nice enough to send us one from […]