IQ Twist Game

IQ Twist puts a unique and interesting spin on the classic packing puzzle formula. Instead of simply arranging the pieces on the board, there are colored pegs which force the player to place congruent colored pieces in specific spots. The only way you can place a piece over a colored peg is if the colors […]

Robots Themed 100 Piece Puzzle

Why are robot-themed movies geared for adults always so frightening? They’re homicidal and dangerous creatures that always manage to come to the conclusion the they’re superior to us, and therefore shouldn’t serve us. We’re left wondering where the androids of our childhood went — the brightly-colored ones with lights on their heads and constant need […]

Adam’s Cube Puzzle

Kids are much more intrigued by puzzles than most adults are. There’s something about an unfinished puzzle like this one, where a child sees parts that fit into an empty frame, and then is compelled to fill that frame until the puzzle is finished. Well, at least until their attention span runs out, but even […]

Perplexus Maze Game

Perplexus has an interesting effect on anyone you might show it to. While the transparent puzzle sphere seems relatively harmless at first glance, it acts like a tractor beam, sucking in everyone who tries it and not letting them go until they’ve completed the unique labyrinth. Perplexus is obsessive, it’s expertly designed, and above all […]

Rainbow Mosaic Pattern Puzzles

Get down to kid’s eye level, and you’ll see puzzles everywhere. Kid’s TV shows and video games are inundated with puzzles, and good ol’ jigsaw puzzles can be found everywhere from Grandma’s house to the doctor’s office waiting room. We can all fondly recall the satisfying feeling of placing that last piece. Puzzles are one […]