4M Brush Robot

I know we cover plenty of robotics on the techie side of Nerdy with Children, but I don’t recall ever seeing a robot made out of a brush before. Isn’t it adorably cute, yet simultaneously awesome? I think out of all the robots, this one might be the most endearing. Look at his cute little […]

Robots Themed 100 Piece Puzzle

Why are robot-themed movies geared for adults always so frightening? They’re homicidal and dangerous creatures that always manage to come to the conclusion the they’re superior to us, and therefore shouldn’t serve us. We’re left wondering where the androids of our childhood went — the brightly-colored ones with lights on their heads and constant need […]

attacknids battle robot

Attacknids Battle Bots

I imagine that the job description for “robotics expert” includes an item on being young at heart. I say this because as a species, we love to create robots which in and of itself would be enough to make a case for robotics being a playful occupation. However, out of all the things we design […]