6 Books You & Your Progeny Must Read This Summer

Many nerdy families are planning trips to the major tourist attractions around the globe this summer, some of you might have something a little more adventurous in mind: reading. From young adult novels to history to projects for kids, here are my picks for six notable books to read this summer. 1. The 5th Wave […]

6 In 1 Solar Kit

6 In 1 Solar Kit

Some of the best toys on the market earned that status be being modal; that is, they offer value beyond what you initially get in the package. With many toys, your kids build something, or do the toy’s intended purpose, and then the toy is done. This makes X-in-One type toys lucrative for kids with […]

Programmable robotic rover from young explorers

Programmable Robotic Rover

While many parents may be preparing their children for the zombie apocalypse by teaching them the skills necessary to survive, they’re ignoring the primary (and probably more realistic) existential threat to humanity: robots. Do your children have the skills they need to navigate a world governed by our new robot overlords? Do they have the […]

Discover More: Technology

In the last ten years we have seen technology evolve at a rate that has never been witnessed on Earth. Fortunately, scientists expect that technological innovation will keep getting faster. It seems like only yesterday, that we had those old Nokias that could not only hammer nails with, but waste time playing that stupid Snake […]