5 Awesome “Jack’s Big Music Show” Moments

Nick Jr.’s short-lived but totally awesome Jack’s Big Music Show was a gem in a sea of kids-show drivel. Though driven by three puppets — Jack, Mary and doggie Mel — the show featured in-the-flesh guests who brought their favorite instruments and genres to jam with Jack. Jack’s Big Music Show only ran from 2005-’07, but its […]

5 Killer Skull Items for Cool Kids

The skull. It’s iconic in so many ways, evoking fascination, awe and fear, depending on one’s perspective. Kids normally fall into the first two categories, finding skulls cool, hip and darkly humorous. As they grow, and begin to understand anatomy while learning a little more about folklore and myth, they become a little more concerned […]

cdza: A Musical Resource for Kids of Any Age

Music education is usually one of two things: fun but not very productive, or productive but not very fun. Rare — and, not coincidentally most effective — are the teachers who make learning a blast, weaving educational material into lessons that engage and entertain students. And so we have Collective Cadenza (cdza), a talented group of musicians, […]

5 Frank Zappa Songs Perfect for Kids … Seriously

Frank Zappa is known, commercially anyway, as the guy with the weirdly named children and raunchy songs about sex and freaking out. That popular notion holds true — for about 8 percent of his catalog, which these days runs nearly 100 titles deep. Most of Zappa’s stuff comprises complex instrumentals, symphonic pieces and politically charged […]

Scott Ian Action Figure For Your Tiny Anthrax Fan

If you read the title of this article and couldn’t wait to click and read, then you know why a Scott Ian Action Figure is important. The rest of you are thinking: “Who the eff is Scott Ian?” Well, he was only the founder of ’80s metal titans Anthrax, the crunchiest guitarist on the planet, co-founder of […]

RockerByeBaby Blankie & Metallica Tapestry for Baby’s Mosh Pit

Amber Zrust, an Esty designer who knows what punk rock moms and dads want for their little ones, has created one of the greatest titles for rock-themed baby items ever composed: RockerByeBaby. It’s so simple yet packs such a powerful punch that I’m envious I didn’t think of it first. Loaded with rock-‘n’-roll images like […]

6 Musicians Whose Parents Were … Musicians

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” It’s a common idiom normally associated with characteristics exhibited by children that closely resemble those of their parents. This is especially true in the entertainment business, where a life of isolation mixed with close proximity to the business means children are more likely to follow in the […]