Roll ‘Em: 10 Awesome D20 Products For Kids

Dice, the ultimate random number generator. They hold the power to determine one’s fate in a life-or-death situation. They’ve destroyed armies, aided in the creation of heroes, determined the outcome of wars and let you narrowly avoid the outlandish rent on Park Place because your friend’s an asshole who built a hotel there. Yes, these […]

Firefly Game’s “Faery’s Tale” is an RPG for the Whole Family

Ah, the age-old tradition of pen-and-paper role playing games. In them resides the genesis of so many great childhood memories. They allow us to explore exotic worlds, dig into the psyche of interesting characters, and weave stories that will remain with us for a lifetime. And, as you raise the next generation of intrepid explorers, […]

Castle Ravenloft Board Game

Ravenloft was one of my favorite Dungeons and Dragons campaign settings growing up. I’m a sucker for all things gothic horror in my role playing games, and it’s likely we share that love for the setting, since you’re reading this. Ravenloft had everything: a haunting, fog-covered land, an evil count, and a love story (in […]

Mousegard Role Playing Game

Mouse Guard RPG

Based on the popular graphic novel by David Petersen, the Mouse Guard RPG is the perfect tabletop complement for any young fan of the series. If your kids enjoyed the graphic novels, and you want to introduce a RPG system using some of their favorite characters, then this makes a fine choice. The game itself […]