D.I.Y. Terrarium: Science in a Glass Case

These are terrariums. This is a nerd. Nerd + Terrarium = Nerdarium! Now we’re not talking about sprouts in a cup. We’re talking about using our nerdy obsessive tendencies to creating a tiny universe unto itself. Muahaha! It doesn’t actually take an omnipotent green thumb to create your own little ecosystem. Terrariums are easy to put together, […]

Science is for Girls: A Primer

You’ve probably heard a little about what’s going on in girl world regarding STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) careers: Lots of girls have a propensity toward math and science, but very few go on to study it after high school and fewer still make it their life’s work. The Girl Scouts of America recently released […]

“Big Bang” Style for the Tiny Nerds in Your Life

If you threw a Comic-con into a blender and added scientific postulates and a dash of pop art, you’d have a Big Bang Theory smoothie. Sprinkle a bit of clever comedic writing on top, and you’ve got yourself a show that even your computer-illiterate grandparents can enjoy. Sorry hipster nerds, geek culture isn’t quite the secret […]

How To Raise A Sherlock Holmes

  Recently we introduced a new series called How To Raise Your Child To Be A Real-Life Fictional Hero. This week’s pick is the infamous Sherlock Holmes, a fictional “consulting detective” created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes, featured in four novels and 56 short stories, is always accompanied by his friend Dr. John H […]

How To Raise The Next Dana Scully From The X-Files

Last week we launched a new series called How To Raise Your Child To Be A Real-Life Fictional Hero. This week we selected FBI Agent Dana Scully from the classic SCI-FI drama The X-Files. The award-winning series ran nine seasons, birthed two movies and garnered a slew of fans. Every week, families huddled together to […]

How To Raise Your Child To Be A Real-Life Indiana Jones

We all want our children to grow up and become successful in whatever path they choose to take in life. In the ’80s, parents made the mistake of telling their children they could be anything they wanted: the president, an astronaut or a professional athlete.  We know the “unique snowflake” idea is bologna these days, […]