Sex Pistols Infant Shoes

Sex Pistols Infant Shoes

Under the studio lights on a New York television set in 1980, broadcaster and news personality, Tom Snyder, appeared nervous. Sweat was glistening on his forehead and the often machismo attitude he displayed on TV was slowly deflating. He tried his best to hide it, but John(ny) (Rotten) Lydons’ constant combativeness was proving too much […]

Gucio Shoes Blue

Before children’s sneakers and shoes became a symbol of status and cool, they served one important function: to cradle and support your child’s foot so that he or she can fully realize the dream of becoming a bipedal hellion. For a toddler just learning to get around, some shoes help accomplish this goal better than […]

Pink And Black Diamond Slip On Shoes

A few years back, the checkered shoe was popular amongst skaters and skate-punk-mallrats who got their jollies off by annoying poor, underpaid mall cops the world over. It seemed like everywhere you looked, there they were. The black and white checkered print shoes were as recognizable as a pair of Doc Marten’s, and were made […]

Linden Sneakers by Faguo

Fashion alert! You’ve got a trendsetter in the family. Don’t laugh it off—this is serious business. The way your little one presents themselves outside means all the difference between an F and an A+ (in the fashion department). So forget about equipping your mini go-getter in a pair of raggedy old sneakers when it’s time […]

Native Howard Shoe

If you’re like us, you cringe at the thought of your wee one hitting the sidewalk in a pair of ratty sandals or sneakers. It totally spoils your kid’s look. Knowing you’re already a little paranoid about the other parents judging you (trust us, we’ve all sent our kids to school in their PJs by […]