Johnny’s Hightop Socks

You probably remember some crazy high-tops from your childhood; like ones that were purple giraffe print or neon green splashes, or other loud designs you see in old school photos. For decades, high-top sneakers have crossed the borders between all scenes. They look cool when you’re 12, and they look just as cool when you’re […]

Hard Rock Leg Warmers

Toddlers (and those who’ve recently graduated from toddlerdom) are picky little people. They’re picky about their food, picky about what they do, and picky about what they wear. It can be stressful, but at least they know what they like and what they don’t like and make no qualms about letting you know. It shows […]

Supersoft Flame Leg Warmers

Even on a hot summer’s day, the temperature never gets sweaty enough to venture outside the crib without a piece of clothing that’s even hotter than the sun’s rays. You can emerge from your crib of stability sporting a pair of these ultra cushy, super soft BabyLegs leg warmers. On these leg warmers will be […]

Retro Toddler Tube Socks

Ever heard the saying, “You can tell a lot about the parents by the socks the tot is wearing”? Well, we just coined that phrase but we’re sure it should be included in the second Book of Proverbs. Even though Einstein thought socks “can be done without,” we politely disagree. Socks give life to the […]