6 Books You & Your Progeny Must Read This Summer

Many nerdy families are planning trips to the major tourist attractions around the globe this summer, some of you might have something a little more adventurous in mind: reading. From young adult novels to history to projects for kids, here are my picks for six notable books to read this summer. 1. The 5th Wave […]

For the Little Space Cadet: Estes Hi-Flier Rocket Kit

Kids love rockets. They embody a child’s sense of adventure, their fascination with the mysteries of the universe, their ideas about what might lie beyond. And there is no shortage of rocket toys for kids. Rocket alarm clocks, rocket lamps, rocket night lights, rocket beds, rocket pajamas, rocket movies, rocket bikes. But nothing …. nothing … beats […]

A Little Celestial Bull for Your Little Stargazer

While we’re not totally sold on the whole horoscope thing — seriously, 12 personality types? C’mon! — we do think the icons associated with each branch of the zodiac are pretty awesome. More to the point, if your kid is labeled a “Taurus” by psychics and horoscope readers, he or she may really enjoy this […]

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Puts You in the Fighter’s Seat

One of the most captivating elements of the original Star Wars films is its fast-paced space battles. There’s something viscerally satisfying about watching Starfighters dodge and weave through the interstellar chaos while hunting down their enemies. This imagery has no doubt inspired countless hours of imaginative play for children (and some adults) since the debut […]

Meade 130mm StarNavigator Telescope

Meade StarNavigator Telescope

Childhood is a great time to begin investing in the wonders of our universe. My wife got me into astronomy, and she fondly remembers her first telescope when she was a kid. She lived out in the country, far away from the distractions of the city lights, where you can see the stars at their […]

Retro Rocket Lamp

Retro Rocket Lamp

It’s not the lamp you think you have at home. Oh no; it’s a rocket lamp. Rocket lamp—keeping your kids safe while they’re asleep. Part night-light, part lamp, part awesome rocket, this lava lamp has everything your kids could want in a light source. It’s cool, it’s shaped like a ship, and it’s got green […]