5 Totally Nerdy Traveling Exhibits

Museums are nerd heaven. Maybe it’s because of the wealth of knowledge within their walls just waiting to be discovered. Maybe it’s the musty smell of ancient artifacts and antiques. Maybe it’s the exhibit space itself, which always proves to spark wonder in the people walking through it. Whatever the lure, many a nerd has […]

“Star Trek Craft Book”: Trekkie Crafts for the Entire Crew

Star Trek fans who are looking for summer projects to do with their kids will want to get The Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So! Contained in this book are 25 ridiculously awesome projects with very clear and easy to follow instructions. When my copy arrived, I could not contain my “squee” when I […]

A Crafty Enterprise: “Star Trek Cross-Stitch”

Star Trek fans who want to get crafty with their kids will love the new book, Star Trek Cross-Stitch: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting. Contained within this 134-page book are 38 projects, 30 of which are considered regular projects as there are pictures of the finished pattern. Eight are considered bonus patterns, as the book only […]

“Stuck on Star Trek”: Recreate Your Favorite Episodes

Stuck on Star Trek is more fun than beaming thousands of Tribbles on board a Klingon battle cruiser! Or, perhaps, my inner-child is much easier to entertain than I previously thought. Either way, Stuck on Star Trek will allow you and your child to recreate — or create new — episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series. […]

“Star Trek: Visual Dictionary”: Seek Out New Civilizations

Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary is an excellent guide filled with basic information about numerous elements that make up the Star Trek universe. When you begin to explore the strange new worlds found within this volume, you are first greeted with a very brief yet touching forward by John de Lance. Until your child reaches […]