Bridging the Cultural Gap with Mashup Tees

If you’re anything like me, your “five minute” Internet break almost always ends up being an accidental trip down the geek-culture rabbit hole. Last week I was doing some research for another story, and I came across this Lego Star Wars Beatles Abbey Road Mashup Tee.   “Holy crap,” went my inner monologue. I’ve seen […]

5 Totally Nerdy Traveling Exhibits

Museums are nerd heaven. Maybe it’s because of the wealth of knowledge within their walls just waiting to be discovered. Maybe it’s the musty smell of ancient artifacts and antiques. Maybe it’s the exhibit space itself, which always proves to spark wonder in the people walking through it. Whatever the lure, many a nerd has […]

“Vader’s Little Princess”: Parenting from the Death Star Ain’t Easy

In Jeffrey Brown’s hilarious books, Darth Vader faces a challenge more harrowing than the Clone Wars: being a parent to Luke and Leia. Brown’s first book, Darth Vader and Son, re-imagines Darth Vader’s adventures with little Luke in tow. His latest offering, Vader’s Little Princess, is a series of witty comics that perfectly capture what […]

Retro Superheroes: Remembering Our Childhoods With Our Kids

That’s the strange thing about superheroes, to me, anyway: There are so few “new” ones out there. Occasionally a genuinely new superhero will come along, with unique powers and an intriguing backstory. The Incredibles come to mind, that adorable family of reluctant superfreaks who save the planet in their own bumbling way. There’s Finn and […]

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Puts You in the Fighter’s Seat

One of the most captivating elements of the original Star Wars films is its fast-paced space battles. There’s something viscerally satisfying about watching Starfighters dodge and weave through the interstellar chaos while hunting down their enemies. This imagery has no doubt inspired countless hours of imaginative play for children (and some adults) since the debut […]