3 Mario Wii Games for Kids (and their Nostalgic ‘Rents)

Chances are, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, you’ve played at least one game from the Mario franchise. Mario and his friends have been glorified by kids and adults alike in everything from stuffed animals to guitars. It’s really no wonder Nintendo’s success is widespread and ever-growing; they know […]

5 Versions of Mario Bros. Theme Your Kids Will Dig

In the world of video gaming, few games are as iconic as Mario Bros., not just for the characters and precedent setting gameplay, but also (maybe more so) for its 8-bit theme song. The overall-wearing Paisans may have their own movie, but the Mario theme, with its shifting rhythms and indelible melody has a cult […]

Super Mario 15-Inch Bowser Plush

Everyone loves the Mario Brothers, but let’s not forget that without Bowser the Brothers would have little to do besides romance princesses, and that’s not really video game material. His fearsome claws, armor shell, and deadly fire breath make him a formidable opponent, and his hilarious egotistical quips keep the games fresh and fun. So […]

Princess Peach Crib Quilt

Blankies not only keep your child toasty warm while they sleep, they’ve also doubled as many a child’s best friend and comfort item. Even the bravest of toddlers feel anxiety and fear, and blankets and stuffed best friends help them feel calm. This Princess Peach Crib Quilt from Geek Unique on Etsy is the nerdiest […]

Super Mario Avengers Onesie & T-Shirt

The Super Mario Brothers’ gang are chameleons of the gaming world, continually changing and adapting into a smorgasbord of games and products. But now, DeardenDesign presents the group like you’ve never seen them before: dressed up as the Avengers and ready to take back the Tesseract from the evil-minded Loki! Or maybe they’re just dressed […]

Mario Kart Racing Set

Oh man, I loved these things as a kid. It’s kind of strange how a child can just sit, mesmerized by electric cars zipping around the exact same stretch of track for literally hours. The track can only be constructed one way. It can’t be modified. It’s the same straightaway and same loop-de-loop you saw […]

Super Mario Bros Fan Art

It’s so cute! This homage to Super Mario Bros is a wall print sporting the eponymous characters in a beautifully rendered vector drawing, fit for any growing nerdling’s bedroom. The characters are not exactly anatomically correct in their proportions, somewhat resembling bobble heads, but this only serves to up the Squee! factor – the brothers […]