5 Totally Nerdy Traveling Exhibits

Museums are nerd heaven. Maybe it’s because of the wealth of knowledge within their walls just waiting to be discovered. Maybe it’s the musty smell of ancient artifacts and antiques. Maybe it’s the exhibit space itself, which always proves to spark wonder in the people walking through it. Whatever the lure, many a nerd has […]


Live-Action Video Game Films: Awesome as Ever?

Despite being notoriously awful (or awfully awesome), live-action video game-inspired movies just keep coming. Case in point: The World of Warcraft movie won’t be out until at least 2015-ish, but that doesn’t stop the Internets from obsessing. News and gossip about Blizzard’s first foray into the hallowed archives of live-action video game movies seems to […]

A Short List of YouTube Channels for Gamer Families

Anyone out there who still believes that video games are for kids would quickly change their mind with a quick trip through YouTube’s plethora of not-for-kids gamer programming. Of late, YouTube has become the cussing, violent wild west of video game journalism. We don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, we’re just tired of […]

Introducing Your Child to the Retro-Gaming Aesthetic

When you dreamed of having kids, you probably fantasized about the day you would teach them how to jump over barrels in the original Donkey Kong or chomp fruit and avoid mouthless ghosts in Pac-Man. The one thing you didn’t anticipate, however, is your kids’ distaste for any technology that existed before last week. The […]