8-Bit Alphabet Blocks

In a different era, it was often considered silly to spell words using numbers or images in place of letters. Doing this was an invitation to ridicule, which to be honest, wasn’t very consistent with our species’ history. Human beings have been communicating using pictures since the stone age; so if we want to spell […]

Bugs ABC Blocks

There are a lot of creepy-crawlies out in the big world, and many of them can be scary for your really little ones. However, even scary things can be fascinating from a safe distance, and the only reason they’re frightening is because, for many, it’s the first time ever seeing these bugs. We only fear […]

KEVA Contraptions 200 Plank Set

As a kid I loved to build things. I had LEGOS, wood blocks, and Tinker Toys scattered all over the living room floor. Hours and hours were spent constructing, and then suddenly demolishing buildings as giant dinosaurs would attack. That may have been more than twenty years ago, but kids will always love building all […]

Jr. Roll-Top Desk

Reading to that belly and reciting Shakespeare before bedtime has finally paid off. You’ve got a little writer on your hands, and you just know they’re bound to strike it rich with those fanciful tales. Ok, so not quite yet, but when they get passed that fascination with genitals (and including them as characters in […]

Nathan’s Knife Kit

Not everything in the Tech category has to be about the latest electronic gadgets or apps (as you may have noticed). Sometimes a more practical approach is required, and Nathan’s Knife Kit is exactly that. Designed by a kid as both a woodworking project for children and an exercise in the safety and proper use […]

Schnurpfel Pony Threading Toy

You can’t afford to buy that country estate with a pony just yet, so keep slaving away for the man, saving up those pennies for a down payment. In the meantime, entertain the kids with a pony toy. Ok, so it isn’t a real pony, but if your kids complain about getting this awesome Swiss […]