Kane Plushie Keeps the Baddies Away

Is your tyke constantly rousting you out of bed in the wee hours of the morning seeking comfort and protection from closet-dwelling monsters? Well, what if he or she had a sleepytime companion who could choke-slam the most bloodcurdling boogiemen into oblivion? Granted, this 10-inch plush doll won’t be much help against a legitimate monster […]

CM Punk Plushie Gives the Wrestling Nerd His Due

If you steer your kids away from watching WWE, nobody’s blaming you. It’s violent, chauvinistic and lots of wrestlers (allegedly) die young from steroid abuse or the type of painkiller addiction a person develops when his or her job requires getting power-bombed through a table every day. But “The Second City Savior” CM Punk eschews […]