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A Child’s Celebration of Rock ‘n’ Roll

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People who love music are annoying and snobby. Especially yours truly. When I was younger, I’d make fun of those who didn’t like the same music as I did, and snickered at non-musicphiles who knew nothing about the Pixies (yeah, I was a jerk). But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become kinder towards people unfamiliar with the music that fuels me, and make fun of them in my head as opposed to their face. How sweet, right? (I’m still a jerk). Musicphiles are a breed of people who believe we have the right to criticise music that sucks — even if it’s great — and when it comes to covers, we believe we can come down on musicians like a blast of fiery wrath if we think they did a crappy job, because most covers tend to stink.

Thankfully, the list of musicians on A Child’s Celebration of Rock ‘n’ Roll needn’t worry about some random music critic’s opinion on whether or not their cover of an older song is really bad, because every musician on this compilation IS the originator and not a band of schlubs whose interpretation would receive an unkind reception from jerks like me.

With iconic names such as The Coasters (“Charlie Brown”), Bill Haley And The Comets (“Rock Around the Clock”), Ritchie Valens (“La Bamba”), and Bobby Darin (“Splish Splash”) as the key players on A Child’s Celebration of Rock ‘n’ Roll, kids who appreciate music from a half-century before their time will love this music even more. Digitally remastered for a greater listening experience, younger fans will embrace music’s past with open ears and — fingers crossed — keep their inner music critic from developing at a younger age.

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