A DIY She-Ra Crown for Your Little Power Princess


Desperate for my daughter to find a new show after watching the same episode of Power Rangers Samurai at least eight times, I was delighted when she immediately took to She-Ra: Princess of Power. But then again, She-Ra is so much cheesy fun, how could she not love it?

My 4-year-old is a dress-up pro, so I wanted to make her a She-Ra tiara to go in the dress-up box. She has to be prepared to be any princess she wants at a moment’s notice, after all. (Also, I kind of wanted to borrow it once it was complete.)

My crafting skills aren’t the best, though, so I ventured to the craft store hoping to adapt a pre-made crown. Lucky for me, with just a foam tiara, sheet of gold foam and a jewel, I was able to make a She-Ra tiara that satisfied my little Princess of Power.

All of my materials were found at Michael’s craft store, and likely can be found at any reputable craft outlet.


The jewels are the most expensive purchase, but if you have young children, it’s not a bad investment. They’ll find a use for them somewhere else once the crown is destroyed. We like to hide a few jewels in the backyard to play treasure hunt, for example. Alternatively, a piece of red glittery foam cut into an oval will do the same job at a much cheaper price.

We started by cutting off the pointy tips protruding from the top of the tiara to make a curved headband shape.


If there are no foam tiaras at your craft store, a yellow foam visor could also be cut to make the same shape.

Next, we used the sheet of gold foam to trace the wings of the tiara, cut them and glued them to the sides. We didn’t make them very intricate, since they had to survive the wear and tear of a rambunctious kid, but you can make them as detailed as you want.


We hot-glued the wings to each side of the headband at a bit of an angle, then glued the red jewel in the middle.

Finally, I chased my daughter around the house and forced her to wear it for a picture. The result is a little blurry, but you get the idea.


This is a simple craft that your child can help with or can do on their own, and it takes about as long as an episode of She-Ra. For the honor of Grayskull!

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