A Gameboy Onesie for Your Little Gamer

Nintendo Gameboy

Before there were tablets and iPads and Nintendo DSes, there was the Gameboy. A portable, hand-held gaming console with interchangeable cartridges, the Nintendo Gameboy was every kid’s best friend. Finally, you could play your favorite arcade games in the car on long trips, beneath your covers at bedtime, even at your desk at school, if you had an earpiece and were nimble enough to hold your book upright with one hand, disguising the game, while manipulating the controller with the other.

These days, an original Gamboy can be pricey. Some run for $50, $60, even $100. It’s more a nostalgic thing than a practicality. What isn’t these days? Especially for nerdy ‘rents. In the age of high-end gaming devices, the Gameboy pales in comparison. The 8-bit display is murky, the controller response sluggish. And damned if you didn’t lose every freakin’ cartridge, regardless of that nifty carrier your grandmother gave you for your birthday. But for a visit to the old days, when the thought of touchscreens was the stuff of science-fiction, nothing beats a Gameboy.


And nothing beats dressing your baby up as a Gameboy (or Gamegirl, as the case may be). Any infant can instantly become a flesh-and-blood Gameboy in this Gameboy Onesie. Imagine your friends squealing in delight, not at your cute little newborn, but rather at that awesome Gameboy outfit! Dad, this thing looks just DIY enough to be respectable in your retro-hipster circles. Mom, on the other hand, will have a hard time keeping tickling fingers off baby, again, not because that tiny belly is irresistible, but because everyone will be pressing those controller buttons, imagining their favorite game scrolling across your baby’s chest.

Weird, yes, but true.

Pick up the Gameboy Onsie at Polished Pumpkin’s Etsy store.

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