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A Is For Activist

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If not for the help and support of friends of the author and believers of the message, the board book A is for Activist would never have made it onto shelves. On the one hand, this is a reflection of the sad state of publishing; on the other hand, this simply serves as proof that a collective effort can go a long way toward accomplishing a goal — which is, of course, one of the most important messages behind this book.

 Writer and illustrator Innosanto Nagara understands that your child will find a million books and toys that teach him or her that “A stands for apple.” But how many of them will introduce words like “advocate,” “ally,” “abolitionist”? Or, jumping to the letter ‘C’ and my favorite phrase in the book, “creative counter to the corporate vultures?” This A to Z tribute to feminism, equal rights, and democracy is so much more than a first reader. It’s a first history book, an introduction to civics, and a reminder to kids that it pays to be selfless, respectful of the environment, and enthusiastic about celebrating our differences. Make no bones about it, A is for Activist is not bipartisan. But for the parent who is searching for a way to begin conversations about LGBTQ rights, social injustice and the power of cooperation in plain toddler language, this is the perfect book.

While this book does help create humanistic dialogue between you and your children, Nagara’s attractive and simplistic design is a virtue in itself. With vivid colors and only a few strong images on each page, the book is uncluttered and easy for children ages 0-3 to absorb. Each stanza is smartly written and reads like perfect performance poetry.

Teach your children to make a difference with this very different book.

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