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A is for Astronaut

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Picking out the right alphabet book for your child should be as simple as selecting the one that meets the interests of your kid, but that’s often not the case. Just because it has pretty colors or gimmicky pages doesn’t mean that it’s the best, or even the most exciting alphabet book that your kids will enjoy. You’re here, so we already know your kid is interested in space, science, or the like. What I’m here to tell you, is that “A is for Astronaut” is the alphabet book you’re looking for.

Probably the most interesting element of A is for Astronaut, is the actual facts that accompany each letter. These aren’t hard facts and data, they’re just simplified, interesting tidbits that will be enough for your kids to understand, but the concepts are intriguing enough to entice them to explore more. For example, F is for Flare, and it explains how a flare is a burst of energy from the sun, accompanied by a fantastic image of a sun flare, which is much more interesting that a spinning wheel or googly eyes.

A is for Astronaut is a great starter tool for many young readers to learn the alphabet, while also getting a fantastic look into the introductory world of science and space.

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