A Little Celestial Bull for Your Little Stargazer


While we’re not totally sold on the whole horoscope thing — seriously, 12 personality types? C’mon! — we do think the icons associated with each branch of the zodiac are pretty awesome. More to the point, if your kid is labeled a “Taurus” by psychics and horoscope readers, he or she may really enjoy this celestial bull. More likely, however, your kid will find fascination with skymaps and the constellations they create.


And this shirt, with its star-lined Taurus constellation sketched into the figure of the dancing bull, is a great way to get your little stargazer interested in the night sky.


Available in T-shirt and long sleeve, the design is simple and bold, like the bull itself. (You can also make a number of metaphorical references to the Taurus personality type at this point, if you like. We’ll leave that up to you.) And here’s a fun game you and your kid can play: Go to the local planetarium, sneak into the rafters, rig up a small harness-and-pulley system, and wait for the next “night sky” show to begin. When the narrator begins calling out the constellations and arrives at Taurus, slowly lower your child — who is, obviously, wearing this shirt — into the auditorium.

It’s a fun and education stunt. If you can avoid jail time, even better!

The Bull Taurus T-shirt is available at A Little Lark

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