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A Little Love by Renee and Jeremy

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Renee and Jeremy are folksy sounding musicians who make the most amazingly beautiful children’s music known to man. You’d better hide when you listen to their newest album, A Little Love, because your stoic, too-hip-to-care attitude is going to quickly disappear.

The album features child-friendly interpretations of classic songs, ranging in sentiment. Begin with the weepy–such as the cover of Supertramp’s “Give a Little Bit”, which will absolutely leave you feeling teary and mawkish. Then move on to the irresistibly bouncy beat of Renee and Jeremy singing about “Shiny Happy People.” Finally, in the weirdest and greatest gesture of all, the Los Angeles based duo pay tribute to those wonderful Angelenos known familiarly to all of us as the Chili Peppers, with their nursery friendly rendition of “Give it Away Now,” in which lyrics such as “What I got you’ve got to give it to your daughter,” and “Drinkin’ my juice young love chug-a-lug me” take on a whole new meaning. Almost makes you wonder if Flea and Anthony Kiedis weren’t thinking about their kids when they wrote this! True to form though, R&J are first and foremost parents who are enamored with their kids. Their super sweet rendition of “Yellow” will help you finally understand this song, and maybe (just maybe) end your sense of apathy and disdain towards Coldplay.

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