A Short List of YouTube Channels for Gamer Families


Anyone out there who still believes that video games are for kids would quickly change their mind with a quick trip through YouTube’s plethora of not-for-kids gamer programming. Of late, YouTube has become the cussing, violent wild west of video game journalism. We don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, we’re just tired of having to wear headphones when we watch videos in the presence of mixed company.

So, Nerdy families, take those headphones off and group up for these great family-friendly YouTube channels we think are worth a spot on your subscription list.

1. Nerdy Nummies

Hosted by the adorable Rosanna Pansino (who goes by “Ro”), this show focuses on cooking nerdy (mostly) gamer-themed food. From making D20 cookies with guest host Felicia Day to a Pokémon pizza, Ro and her friends are always making something adorably nerdy, fun and kid-friendly (with the exception of the Diablo III Vodka potions).

If you end up loving Ro, subscribe to her channel so you can continue to bask in her nerdy girliness with her Vlog and video game walkthroughs.

2. Swords and Stitches

YouTube gaming personality Dodger has put together this arts and crafts show just for gamers on her channel DexterityBonus. In Swords and Stitches, the video game journalist will give your family a few things to do with their hands when they set the controllers down.

You can also find her Vlog Coffeh Time on DexterityBonus, which is often on in my household to make laundry folding a little less tedious. If you’d like to see more of Dodger, you can check out her video game reviews at Press Heart to Continue.

3. Carbots Animation

Even people who don’t know anything about StarCraft II will love Starcrafts, the animated series based on Blizzard’s popular space-themed RTS. In the game, I’ll kill Zerglings with pleasure, but I hate seeing the little guys get squashed in the clever, funny and cute cartoon version. The sound effects from the game add an authentic touch to the cutesy characters.

Carbot Animation puts out a new Starcrafts episode every week, and has plans to begin a new animated series based on World of Warcraft.

4. Best Online Kids Games

You won’t find any YouTube personalities trying to steal the stage from the games on the Best Online Kids Games channel. If all you want is pure, unadulterated gameplay and a way to find the best of what’s free on the Internet, check out this simple and comprehensive channel full of great games for kids and families.

5. Freddiew and Video Game High School

Currently in Kickstarter to fund its second season, the kitschy web series Video Game High School is a fun throwback to the shows we used to watch after school. The show is produced by special effects YouTuber and gamer Freddie Wong (a.k.a. Freddiew) and imagines a world in the near future where video gaming is the world’s most popular sport. Viewers of the not-for-kids Epic Meal Time You Tube channel will recognize the high school’s principal.

Freddiew’s personal YouTube channel is also a great place for families with older kids to spend an afternoon. Freddie’s creative videos (including Video Game High School episodes) are full of great special effects and inside gamer humor, but may be a teensy bit violent for younger kids (case in point: Balls of Steel: The Ultimate Nutshot)

My personal fave Freddie Wong video:

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