A Sneak Peek at This Weekend’s HeroesCon


HeroesCon, which is held this weekend, June 7-9 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, N.C., is one of the best comic shows in the county. It’s big enough to bring in name creators (Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jonathan Hickman, Eric Powell) while remaining small enough that fans can focus on the comics and their creators. This also means kids can meet the people responsible for writing and drawing their favorite comics.

Unlike many comic shows, HeroesCon does a great job of reaching out to younger fans. During the convention, there are a number of panels and events to which you can bring your kids. It’s an awesome way to get them into comics if they’re not, and to nurture their love of comics if they are already fans.dsc_06091-500x355

Here’s a rundown of some of the kid-friendly events:

Every day in room 203A, the HeroesCon QuickDraw contest is held. With different age categories (0-10 and 11-15), the contest will appeal to aspiring artists as they can show off their skills. The contest is held on Saturday at 4 p.m. and at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday in Room 203A.

On Sunday at 11:30 a.m., also in Room 203A, the All-Ages Panel, a traditional panel to bring families to the convention and to support books for kids of all ages, is set for 11:30 a.m. The panel features Jason Horn, Andy Ruston, Jamie Cosley, Dan Parent, Ian Flynn and Andy Hirch, who will talk about their books that are safe and fun reads for kids.

Also on Sunday in the same room, at 1 p.m., Chris Schweizer hosts The Crogan Adventures Radio Hour. Schweizer is a talented writer and brings with him a brand new live story along with prizes, a Q &A session and a look at his next book.


If you’ll be looking for creators tables to visit, I’d recommend Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegner (Atomic Robo, who will also be hosting a panel discussion); Matt Fraction whose run on FF (and Fantastic Four) have been excellent comics for families; Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer, who do the animal-based horror comic Beasts of Burden and the classic comic adaptation of Bill and Ted; Dan Parent, who is the king of Archie Comics; Andy Ruton, who currently makes Owly, the perfect introductory comic for younger readers; Chris Schweizer of The Crogan Series, who does all sorts of historical comics; Dean Trippe of the fun Power Lunch ,who is very all-ages friendly; Jarret Williams of the wrestling action comic Super Pro KO; and Skottie Young of Marvel’s OZ.


If you’d like to visit some smaller creators, check out Adventuring Company (AD-1110) which does a number of prints, and Handmade Stuffs (AA-924), which has created a number of custom plushes. Erica Henderson (AA-1026), creator of the Baby’s First Mythos, a children’s book of Lovecraftian horror, and Kyle Starks and Joe Hunter (AA-1025), creators of comics like The Legend of Ricky Thunder and Disarmed, will also be on hand. And check out Yale Stewart (AA-1228), creator of the series JL8 (formerly Little League). His young versions of Justice League Heroes are a sure-fire way to get kids into comics.

For a full roster, check out the entire guest list.

And if you need any more advice, I’ll be tabling with Nerdcenaries and Friends (AA-1912), and I’ll be happy to direct you to anything else I find that will be worth a look during the convention. Stop by and say hello.

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