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A Treasure In My Garden

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When a DVD features the same producers from the Academy award-winning film The Triplets of Belleville, you know your child’s in for a treat.

A Treasure In My Garden is more than a DVD for tots to pass the time; it’s a whimsical journey of animation and catchy songs that children won’t soon forget.

Brought to you by singer-songwriter Gilles Vigneault (a member of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame), renowned children’s illustrator Stéphane Jorisch and a handful of various performers, this DVD not only delights the little ones, but has also won an approving nod from parents with a couple of awards: the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, as well as the National Parenting Publications Association Honors Award—quite an achievement.

There’s 13 animated music videos to watch, with tunes ranging from relaxing ballads such as the “Apple Song,” to Wild West worthy country songs like “Sleepy Sheep Hoedown for the Kid Who Won’t Lie Down”—sound like anyone you know? It was originally written in French, so kids will love some of the wacky lyrics that accompany the music (so will you!).

Watch as your bambino’s imagination soars, and get ready to have these clever songs stuck in your head all day—they’re that much fun!

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