About Us

Nerdy with Children launched in 2012 with the goal of giving parents a place to escape the monotony of mainstream parenting. We grew tired of puppy dogs, flowers, blue for boys, and pink for girls. We recognized a new parenting movement being born as more and more millenials reached the age of starting a family. These alternative parents flocked to online communities that catered to their likes and dislikes.

Throughout the years we’ve been committed to receiving these parents and acting as a destination from mainstream society. Nerdy with Children was and continues to be dedicated as a safe haven for those who feel like they don’t belong, to the ones who are labelled misfits by society, and to those who are just fed up by the status quo.

Now in 2018, we help lead the charge on this pop culture revolution that promises our daughters can be astronauts, boys can be stay-at-home dads, minorities can be role-models, and dreams are worth having.

We hope our website opens doors to parents that want something different. That our product reviews, advice, and DIY family projects inspire parents to not simply go with the flow.

Our content is focused on the emerging nerd/geek culture, gender-neutral parenting philosophy, revolutionary art, and the emphasis on STEM.

Thank you for your support.


Nick Veneris
Founder, Nerdy With Children