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Nerdy with Children started out as a company that aimed to help parents connect with their kids through their love of technology, sci-fi and art, among other geekery. We simply believe that sharing whatever you’re into with your kids is raising them right.

Not Just a Clothing Company

When we first began, we reviewed products and wrote about cool events we thought parents would be into. We found really neat stuff made by very creative people. As we scoured the nerdverse for things that kids and parents could enjoy together, we constantly found a common theme: we wanted more.

We decided it was time to try our own hand at making the products we wanted for our kids. We started out with the idea of creating casual cosplay clothing for babies and toddlers that reminded us of the things we were into as kids. As we grow, we hope to expand our product offerings beyond costumes. We want to offer parents as many ways as we can think of t
o bring their nerdy families together.

What Does Nerdy Mean to Us?

Of course, being “nerdy” is in the eye of the beholder. Nick is into board games and horror films, while Jess is into video games and Game of Thrones, and both share a love of Star Wars. Maybe your family loves watching Doctor Who together, but that’s where your common geekery ends.

Creativity Welcome!

We welcome user design submissions for products and plan to always be adding to and changing our collection. The dye sublimation printing process used on our rompers and tees allows for on-demand ordering and an infinite number of design options, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on the designs you’d like to see.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions, or to submit artwork and design ideas.

Nick Veneris and Jessica Trebing
Co-Founders, Nerdy With Children                           

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