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Acrylic Bike Wall Décor

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The walls of a kid’s room are so much more than structural support for a ceiling. Obviously, they are places where dragons battle knights, and where there is a secret zoo of invisible animals. Sometimes they are made entirely of candy… you get the idea. Children’s imaginations often span the length of the entire house, so when it comes to decorating their own space, what graces the walls matters.

You could paint everything white and call it done, or you could put up pictures of Great Grandma Hortense or — and we like this option best— you could indulge in these childhood fantasies and decorate the walls with this acrylic bike wall décor from Trendy Peas. See? Designing for kids doesn’t mean you have to turn the room into a Thomas the Tank Engine shrine (we’re not hating on Thomas, he just really clashes with the art deco living room). This acrylic bike wall décor is bright red and shiny (like a bike should be) with clean, modern lines that make a room feel, for kids, like a forest trail or a race track, and, for you, like a work of art.

Trendy Peas gives you a way to reflect your own modern style and still play into the whimsical world of children’s rooms, creating a space enjoyed by both kids and adults. It’s worth making an exception to any no bikes in the house rule, just this once.

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