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Acute Baby Onesie

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Most parents have no problem with the world knowing how cute their baby is, but how do you shout it to the rooftops without being obtuse? It would be easy to pick out a onesie that said “My Baby is the Best Baby Ever,” but I’m sure you are much more subtle than that. If you find yourself in this predicament, or if you just want to show off how good your baby is at math, the Acute Baby onesie pulls off a solution to your quandary marvelously.

Featuring the mathematical accuracy of an acute angle and tactful nerd humor that would make Albert Einstein proud, the Acute Baby Onesie gets the message across exactly how you want it: subtle yet definitive. There’s no disputing that the angle is correct, just like there’s no disputing that your baby is acute one. It’s a mathematical certainty.

And not only is your baby good-looking, but smart and hilarious, too, just like his parents. By starting your little math genius on the right path with this onesie, your investment in his future will not be squandered as he or she is sure to become a financial whiz by day and comedian by night. Better start saving for college, this kid’s headed for the stars.

In addition to being mathematically solid and delightfully punny, this onesie is hand made using 100% cotton and water-based nontoxic inks. Yes, that’s right, every individual onesie is handmade. This soft, well-crafted onsie will have your little Pythagoras on the floor solving building-block equations and pondering the vastness of the universe in soft, non-irritating cotton. Your friends will toast your good genes, your acute sense of humor and your good taste when they see your baby in this one-derful solution.


  1. Super Dad

    I wonder how many people in my town would actually understand the meaning of this shirt

    • Minna

      Ha, same for me!

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