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Adam’s Cube Puzzle

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Kids are much more intrigued by puzzles than most adults are. There’s something about an unfinished puzzle like this one, where a child sees parts that fit into an empty frame, and then is compelled to fill that frame until the puzzle is finished. Well, at least until their attention span runs out, but even the best of us are guilty of that sometimes.

Winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, Adam’s Cube is a spatial reasoning puzzle based on architecture. It utilizes five different polygonal pieces to create its puzzles. The cube itself is the puzzle; each one of the six sides features a different arrangement of obstacles. The goal is to place all of the red polygonal pieces on one side of the cube, until the entire side has been filled. Once a single side of the Adam’s Cube has been completed, your kid can move onto one of the more challenging sides of the puzzle, until each one has been finished; this allows for six different games to play. When your child has finished, the pieces store neatly inside the interior of the cube, like a storage box, for later.

And no, the cube isn’t named after Adam Ant, but he’s awesome so here:

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