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Aden + Anais Soothing Ointment

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What the hell is a fermented pawpaw fruit? Nobody really knows. But the fermented pawpaw fruit is the basis for this ooey gooey, delicioso “Soothing Ointment” by Aden + Anais. (Just as a side note–apparently, all the hip companies are no longer using the & sign, but instead use the +). This ointment smells heavenly, and is a multi-use product for both baby and mama–and let’s not leave out daddies who aren’t afraid to smell pretty. So what’s the ointment for exactly? Well, first of all–who doesn’t want an excuse to add the word “ointment” to their child’s vocabulary? “Mother, can I please have my ointment?” Seriously… the ointment (we’re up to 7 uses in this paragraph now) is perfect for smoothing dry skin, relieving diaper rashes, or soothing sore nipples (yep, it can double as a nipple cream! Get your mind out of the gutter–we’re talking breastfeeding here, people!) It can also be used for insect bites–and since we know you’re too green to wear insect repellent, you’re going to be needing it! Yeah, these products are a bit pricey–you might have to buy non-organic produce for a couple days to pinch pennies–but so worth it!

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