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Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens

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Marceline and the Scream Queens combines the two greatest cultural forces: rock music and comic books. This series of six comics, based off of the popular kids TV show Adventure Time, follows the band started by Marceline the Vampire Queen, a hot-headed, self-doubting, 1000-year-old rocker and lyricist who has converted the family ax into a bass guitar. She tours with her band, made up of another vampire, a werefish, and a ghost, as well as Princess Bubblegum, the band manager whose personality clashes with Marceline’s.

The stories take place in the Land of Ooo, where humans are rare, but any object you can think of is anthropomorphized, made cute, and lives in a little community. Take, for example, the Candy Kingdom, where Marceline plays her first set, wowing Princess Bubblegum into an appreciation for rock music.

On the comics side of the equation, the books feature a coherent story line with relationships, internal and external conflict, and a visual flow that will make sense even to children too young to read. On the rock side, the books explore the tribulations of a band that is just forming, creating its identity, deciding whether to be signed by a label, dealing with interviews, logistics, homesickness, and, most confoundingly, each other.

If your kids are fans of Adventure Time, they will love these books. If they’ve never seen the show, they will still be able to access the stories and characters, and will fall in love with the quirkiness and charm of the Land of Ooo.

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