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Adventure Time Nintendo 3DS

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Adventure Time for 3DS is a perfect game to give little heroes. Hey Ice King Why’d You Steal Our Garbage? is the first videogame made based on the Emmy-nominated show. Though not hugely challenging for seasoned adult gamers, it’s definitely worth purchasing for kids that are fans of the show.

The creators managed to give the game the same nonsensical, whimsical feel that has helped make the show so beloved. It features over 50 of the characters from the Candy Kingdom and beyond. From Pep-But to Peebs, Choose Goose to Marceline, your child will love seeing their favorite citizens of Oo in a 3-dimensional world. Of course, Adventure Time wouldn’t be Adventure Time without the songs. This game features tons of new tunes, with a different theme song for every region you explore. One of the best, in my opinion, is the very first one you encounter upon turning on the console. From the guitar riffs and raucous drumming, to the multiple vocals and awesomely silly lyrics, this powerhouse of a song sets the mood for the entire game. It was so good I had to let it loop a few time before I could press “play.”

While the gameplay isn’t innovative, it sure is fun, especially for mini gamers. It runs a little bit short, but the frequent item drops and monster-slaying moves will keep your nerdlings excited ‘til the very last boss (it’s not who you think it is!). Give your hero the gift of adventuring and help them slash, stomp, and stretchy-power their way through the villain-infested land of Oo.

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