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Alex Toys My Little Sewing Machine

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As a teenager, I rejected any and all activities that I feared would trap me in a feminine amber from which there was no escape. As a result of this silent protest, I was 26 before I learned how to sew a button, and have probably spent close to two hundred dollars on simple alterations that I could have performed myself.

I, for one, am happy to see that times have changed by not changing at all. In recent years, sewing, baking, and cooking have become popular with both little girls and boys. Given the economic hardships experienced by many, I take this DIY mentality amongst the younger set as a positive change.

Needless to say, toy makers have responded to this demand. One of the sweetest gadgets I’ve seen is ALEX Toys Adjustable Two Speed My Little Sewing Machine. Designed for children ages 8 and up, the mini machine features drop-in bobbins, adjustable stitch lengths, and a presser foot—everything your offspring need to learn the basics of sewing. The machine also comes with all of the materials necessary to complete his or her first project, including fabric, measuring tape, a pin cushion, and a child-friendly scissor.

Since the kit contains sharp needles, pins, and scissors, it is recommended that parents follow the age recommendation AND provide constant supervision. Why not kill two birds with one stone—supervise your tot while also acting as his or her design agent. After all, the only thing standing between your child and Etsy superstardom is a great manager.

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