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All My Stunts Boys T-Shirt

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This particular undead was not the type of actor who was content with sitting back and letting the stunt double do his job. No, he did some brief track and field in high school, which made him completely qualified and determined to make himself look awesome in that one movie, even though it was probably dangerous, and he was getting paid anyway. How unfortunate that the one time he had to go and miss that jump, a zombie apocalypse hit. Now what is an overzealous zombie actor supposed to do?

So, in un-death, he continues his legacy, shamelessly pole-vaulting over all the defenses your kids put in the way to keep him out of your house. This 100% cotton Plants vs. Zombies t-shirt features Pole-Vaulting Zombie (that’s really its name) charging (presumably) towards someone’s house, pole at the ready. It comes in red, because that’s the color every zombie shirt should come in, and is available in sizes S-XL to fit any zombie or pole-vaulting enthusiast. Despite the fact that Pole-Vaulting Zombie might look like he has something valuable to teach your children about the benefits of exercise, they probably shouldn’t listen to him about what he thinks about their diet.

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