Allons-y Back To School With These Back to School Fashions

Doctor Who

Fezzes. Bow ties. Long scarfs. Celery. These are just some of the fashion choices made famous by the Doctors. Soon, we will have a Twelfth Doctor with a brand new fashion-sense for us to emulate. While we wait, here are 8 Doctor Who fashions for your children.

1.     Time Lord Long Sleeve Baby Onesie

Time Lord Long Sleeve Baby ONesie

Because the Eleventh Doctor made bow ties cool, here is a long sleeve onesie, complete with bow tie, for your baby. This onesie is for babies up to 12 pounds. You may want to keep your eye on this Etsy store, as bigger sizes are coming soon.

2.     TARDIS Onesie

TARDIS onesie

At times, it seems like all babies do is eat, sleep, poop and cry. When they are going through a growth-spurt, and it feels like all you are doing is nursing, you can’t help but to wonder if the baby is bigger on the inside. These TARDIS onesies, available in sizes newborn to 24-months, are perfect for your growing baby.

3.     Who Let The Dogs Out T-Shirt

Who Let The Dogs Out

Chances are, your child won’t fully appreciate the humor in this tee. But that shouldn’t stop you from buying this “Who Let The Dogs Out” t-shirt, available in sizes 2-12. It also comes in a variety of colors and styles of onesies, long-sleeve shirts, and hoodies.

4.     Let’s Play Doctor T-Shirt

Let's Play Doctor Tee

When I was a kid, playing doctor had a completely different meaning. Now that Doctor Who has gone over to the side of more mainstream, playing doctor involves turning sticks into sonic screwdrivers, big cardboard boxes in a TARDIS, and cutting holes in t-shirts so that it can hold a stick of celery. Parents can have peace of mind when they hear their children say, “Let’s play Doctor,” with this adorable t-shirt featuring the first 11 Doctors. It is available in sizes 2-12, and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

5.     New School T-Shirt

Doctor Who New School Tee

For many parents, the new school year is a time of celebration. Send your child to school in this new school t-shirt, featuring the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctor, their companions, and their enemies, frolicking in a school playground. It is available in youth sizes XS-L.

6.     Ministry of Silly Doctors T-Shirt

Ministry of Silly Doctors

Aside from an amazing sense of fashions, the Doctors are also known for their personality quirks. Available in sizes 2-12, this “Minister of Silly Doctors” t-shirt highlights some of the quirky traits of the first eleven Doctors.

7.     Twelfth Doctor Who – Peter Capaldi T-Shirt

Peter Capaldi 12th Doctor

Celebrate the emanated arrival of the Twelfth Doctor with this t-shirt featuring an image of Peter Capaldi. It is available in sizes 2-12.

8.     TARDIS Letterman Jacket

Doctor Who TARDIS Letterman Jacket

Finally, a new school year means a new jacket. Send your child to school with this TARDIS letterman jacket. It is available in ten colors, and comes in kids sizes XS-XL (Age 3/4 to Age 12/13). The front of the jacket has the letters “DW” printing on the left chest, and has a TARDIS printed on the back of the jacket.


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