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DIY da Vinci Inventions

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Look at it this way: from day 0, your kid is kind of an artist. Well, maybe not formally trained, but who can do a better impression of Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man than a naked infant trying to avoid a changing?

Nude jumping jacks aside, Da Vinci was the quintessential renaissance man: painter, architect, engineer, sculptor, mathematician, and all around 15th century alpha-nerd. The man has been an inspiration to thinking people for centuries. Now it’s your kids turn to meet a Leonardo who doesn’t carry a katana and wear a blue mask.

More than a history book, and more than a how-to, Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions you can Build Yourself mixes the best of both; it depicts Leonardo’s actual inventions and his many, many sketches with instructions on how to build some of them, with historical and biographical data on nearly all of them. At 128 pages, it’s relatively hefty for a kid’s book, and so it’s recommended for ages 9 and up.

Da Vinci was a nerd – loud and proud. He’s a geek icon who, like the honey badger, did not care what others thought about his status as super-genius polymath. It’ll be pretty awesome if your kids wind up feeling the same way.

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