Amazing Spider-Man For Your Kids

We’re celebrating the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie with an awesome giveaway for lucky father and child t-shirt sponsored by TV Store Online. And moms, if you like the “mens” tee then you should enter as well. We’re just excited that they actually make good Spider-Man movies. The previous trilogy had us worried. Remember emo Peter Parker? Ugh, it is good to see Spidey in new hands.
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All the excitement about our contest and the new Spider-Man movie (and the old Spider-Man theme song that’s now playing on repeat in our heads) has us wondering what kind of other sweet Spider-Man stuff we could throw our money at.

Vintage-Style Spider-Man Villain Posters

Are we tired of watching Spider-Man movies? Nope. Will we ever be? Probably not.

Seeing Spider-Man posters plastered all over, however, is another story. Can one really tell the difference between the recent Spider-Man movies from their posters? It seems like there’s some sort of checklist that needs to be met every time.

Brick wall? Check. Web? Check. Spider-Man’s hand in the forefront shooting a wrist-web (or a sign language ‘I love you’)? Check.


A Spider-Man family who want to display their Spidey love without falling victim to this prolific graphic cliche needs posters that are different. What could be more different than MyGeekPosters’ bunch of awesome minimalist villains?

Enlarged Comic Book Covers

Sometime in the next year, you’re bound to have an anniversary. While you may not be trying to hide your spouse from a never-ending onslaught of mutated and/or malformed villains, it’s nice to know that even Spider-Man has to go through all the same stuff we do to get married.


Comicscon’s enlarged cover of the Amazing Spider-Man issue where Peter and MJ get married is one of the nerdiest ways we can think of to combine your love for your family and the comics you grew up with. It’s also an awesome anniversary gift for your spouse that you can actually enjoy too.

Awesome Spidey Capes (for Girls or Boys)

What could be more fun than seeing the new Spider-Man movie with your kids? Only one thing: seeing your kids running to the box office wearing their new Spider-Man capes.

You can grab yourselves a superhero cape in traditional red and blue, or snag the pink and purple version for your bad-ass daughter from BaileysBlossoms.


Spider-Man Printed Rolling Blind

Picking out curtains is usually kind of boring. Luckily, these are amazing. Comicscon has a few different comic book covers to choose from (or you can even have them use your own image).

These unique blinds are customizable right down to your window size.


Spider-Man Shower Curtain

Obviously, the super-fun curtain shopping can’t stop there. This minimalist Spider-Man shower curtain’s superpower is that it matches any bathroom decor.

An added bonus is that your kids might just learn that even Spider-Man needs a shower once in a while, so they might not put up such a ridiculous fight every time.


Your Friendly Neighbor: Spider-Man Totoro Mashup T-Shirt

What do Spider-Man and Totoro have in common? A character named Mei (May!), some sweet 80’s cartoon action, and this T-shirt. Not that there needed to be reasons for this adorable mashup, which the LimitBreaks store clearly appreciates.


Spider-Man Can Ride a Bike With No Handlebars

Ever think of all the things Spider-Man could be doing with his webs instead of swinging around and wrapping up bad guys? No, me neither – but now I can’t stop. If he can make a bike, what else can he make? Oh man, the possibilities. Thanks PinkMugNY, now I’ll never be able to sleep.


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