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American Teen Alex Doll

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The life of an American teenager is rife in confusion. Who are we? What are we supposed to be? What are we going to do? What is the point of this existence? Philosophical hullabaloo that eventually gets figured out, but at the time seems monumental (not to mention inexplicable). We all decide where we want to travel in our young and impressionable years, and either wallow in regret or champion that regret and press on. Everyone experiences the weirdness that is your teen years and it’s the questions we ask and decisions we make that can decide our outcome in this weird, confusing world.

Back at the turn of the 21st century, artist and designer Dieter Meuller created a line of 10-inch dolls that he felt embodied the uniqueness and individualism that fell into being an American teen, and thus appointed the American Teen Collector’s Series as his own mode of self-expression. Since they were created to represent different aspects of American youth culture, each of his nine dolls are different and unique in their own right (as far away from Barbie that a doll can get) and Alex is no different. With a crazy pink mohawk, tattoos galore, and an obvious fierce sense of self and love for punk. Pick one up for the little rebel in your family. They’ll thank you greatly for it later.

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