American Teen Zoe Gothic Fashion Doll Collector Series

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American Teen Zoe Gothic Fashion Doll

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Once upon a time, I thought eyebrow piercings were lame. They always looked so oversized and weird on people faces. They dangled around loosely on the Juggalos and raver kids, and it never quite worked out. It was more of a fad than anything else — a 90’s and early 00’s bit of trendiness propagated and popularized by Nu Metal bands and Evanescence. Now the brow loop has become quite the oddity; if we can keep that streak going and not let ourselves be affected by how cool it looked on that chick from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies, or how cool it looks on this lovely lady doll, Zoe, from the American Teen series, we can continue on by ensuring those shameful years in pop-culture history never experience a resurgence.

From the makers of American Teen comes Zoe, the gothic fashion doll: a girl who enjoys a quiet evening after a crappy day of high school by reading Edgar Allen Poe anthologies and listening to the lulling sounds of Christian Death. Equipped with both labret and eyebrow piercing, Zoe fashions genuine gothic attire and blue cross-necklace that enhances the look of her brow ring and keeps old-school goths who hated 1999 from passing any judgement. With a love for The Cure and Peter Murphy, which is just as insatiable as her love for Anne Rice novels and black hair dye #1, Zoe is a true lady of the shadows. All little cyber-goths, cupcake goths, and whatever other goth sub-genre their parents decide to dress them in, will fall in love with Zoe just as they’ll fall for fancy graveyard walks and underground clubs when they hit an appropriate age. As for their eyebrows? Well, hopefully Zoe’s example will lead them to the right choice.

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