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Anatomy Apron From Artec

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I learned about anatomy basics the same way everyone in my generation learned about it: archaic textbooks, unmotivated teachers, and sleep-inducing lesson plans. Boring! Most know that some of the key factors to teaching a child something new in a way that gets them genuinely excited is by using association and interactivity. Many topics can be taught at a young age, but it might not stick unless it’s also colorful, exciting, and attention-grabbing. Fortunately, we now have products that can make learning about almost anything fun and exciting.

This Anatomy Apron features colorful fabric models of all the major body parts, attached to the apron using hook and loop fasteners. They are all appropriately sized, making the apron a great learning tool for going beyond simply pointing out the location of each organ in the body. Kids can play with each organ, then put them back where they belong through memory. Behind each organ is an outline of the fabric model, so children can study and learn how each organ fits within the body and interacts with the rest of your internal system. Each of the pieces are colorful and vibrant, a perfect fit for making learning about anatomy interesting and interactive.

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