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Angry Birds Dodge Ball

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No childhood would be complete without the sound of a rubber ball rebounding off the side of someone’s head followed by lots of crying and screaming. Seriously, Dodge Ball is probably in the list of most unsafe games for children besides a sack race while holding scissors.

Somehow, however, we all managed to survive the terrors of bright red missiles being targeted at our noggin by our supposedly best friends. We walked away with some bruises and maybe a crushed ego, but all in all, the game was great fun. Now you can pass the game down to your children in style. FAO Schwartz has these fantastically crafted Angry Birds themed dodge balls for sale to add a little nerdy flavor to a game otherwise dominated by the schoolyard bullies.

The website does not call them what they are. They’re just called Angry Birds balls – but we know that texture. We’ve been hit in the face with that latex-y smelling crosshatch pattern more times than we can count. These are Dodge Balls, through and through. There’s a certain beauty to the design of these things because, as we all know, it is the sole mission of the Angry Birds to go sailing through the air with the greatest of ease and to wreak havoc on others. Perfect for Dodge Ball.

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