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Angry Birds Plush Toy

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It is an inescapable fact that your kids are eventually going to want a cell phone of their very own. A phone is like a modern day rite of passage, an icon of freedom and individualism that every child yearns for. And with the phone comes Angry Birds. If they haven’t already, in short order your children will learn of the game, will love the game, and will want to cover their walls and shirts and bedspreads with pictures of disgruntled birds and mean-spirited, neon green pigs. You could try to fight it, but why bother? Is it not your duty as nerdy parents to nourish your child’s geeky desires?

ThinkGeek has these neat little toys to amuse whenever the phone has to be charged and the game put away. The birds are plush balls complete with the sounds found in game. Now all that’s needed is to build a makeshift bomb shelter for the pigs out of books or bottles or whatever happens to be handy, squeeze the toy to get the sound going, and chuck it at those evil swine. I mean, your child will. Not you. You would never do such a thing.

If your child just can’t get enough of Angry Birds buy them this awesome boardgame or make them this cake.


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