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Animal Rummy

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Kingdom – Phylum – Class – Order – Family – Genus – Species: essential concepts for any would-be biologist, but at the core of this hierarchy is the matching of like and the distinction of un-like. Being able to separate animals based on traits and habits is a core concept in biological science.

Animal Rummy helps kids to develop these distinctions early. Kids learn to group “like” cards together, and to get rid of “un-like” cards to establish a winning hand. The set is made of 40 playfully colorful animal cards depicting elephants, giraffes, frogs, and others. The cards come in a durable drawer box, and are bound by a ribbon drawstring, so you’ll get a lot of life out of the set.

The game is played in much the same way as regular gin rummy: each player is dealt a hand, and may choose each round to draw or discard (players may draw from the discard pile). The objective is the same as well: get rid of all your cards by making a like set of animal pictures. Competition is a factor, so be prepared to have the winning-and-losing talk at some point. The cards are oversized, and the rules are simple, so this game is suitable for kids aged five or older.

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