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Anti-Virus Game

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Puzzle games have the unique structure of being able to make you feel inept when you are stumped, but a genius mastermind upon your eventual success. There aren’t many other games on the market that can evoke such a broad spectrum of emotion, and the puzzle game Anti-Virus, based on the ideology behind cell structure, is no exception.

Anti-Virus is a fun and challenging slider-style game, where the goal is to remove the red virus by moving the colored pieces along the board both diagonally, and grouped together. Individual pieces can be moved as well, adding a layer of thought to the puzzle as each move chains from the last, until the anti-virus pieces successfully remove the virus. Like many games of its kind, Anti-Virus features a puzzle challenge book, presenting the would be solver with 60 different scenarios to figure out.

While many slider-based games can be daunting at first to the uninitiated puzzle enthusiast, Anti-Virus features fewer, more colorful pieces, allowing the barrier of entry for your little puzzler to not be overwhelming. However, once he or she becomes well-versed in Anti-Virus’s tricks, the Wizard level challenges will serve as more than a match for even the most grizzled puzzle veteran.

It is worth noting that Anti-Virus still manages to challenge, yet it still maintains its level fun throughout. Perfect for combining fun and learning, it would make a great addition to any little puzzler’s collection.

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