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AppGear Alien Jailbreak

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In a market where tower defense games run rampant, how does one differentiate itself from the rest of the pack? What about a tower defense game where your kids can place the tower anywhere they want on a surface, and the game digitally constructs their base around where they placed an actual, physical tower? How about including a turret to fight back against the horde using the same technology, that your kids can move around at will to defend where they need it the most? That’s the premise behind Alien Jailbreak, and it puts a new spin on the classic tower defense formula.

Alien Jailbreak is a product made by AppGear, designed for iOS and Android capable smartphones, that uses QR codes to create a 360 degree environment based on the physical location of a “base.” Your kids must stop alien prisoners from making their escape, and dodge their mind-control beams. Nerdlings can place the “ship” and “turret” on any flat surface, then use the phone to blast lasers at incoming alien troops. There are a number of missions included in the base game, as well as local wi-fi multiplayer so players can compare scores, and even play with their friends. If your kids are fans of the genre, adding in real objects to the fun should be a hit.

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