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Aquarius A Family Card Game

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Looney Labs is an indie game company that is well-known for their Fluxx series. Chances are you’ve played the game, or at least know someone who has. While many of the Looney Labs games are targeted to older children and adults, Aquarius is the perfect way to get nerdlings as young as three into card gaming. It’s a step above the usual Go Fish or Concentration.

In Aquarius you must complete one of five goals matching one of the five elements (earth, air, fire, water and space). Be careful, there are action cards that involve switching the goals with other players. The little ones will enjoy dicking you over for the win. The best way to describe the game is to compare it to dominoes, in the sense you just try to keep matching the elements cards much like pips. Trust me, we were sent a review copy and picked up the idea within minutes of playing the first game.

So, do we think a preschooler could handle this game? Absolutely! There are three different sets of gameplay rules that allow different ages to get in on the fun; this way, your kid can grow with the game. This an excellent first step in the world of non-traditional card games. If your child can play Go Fish, then they should have no problem.

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