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Arduino Ultimate Microcontroller Pack

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Is it too early to have ‘the talk’?

Not *that* talk – the Arduino talk, the talk your parents would have given you if only you had been born a few decades later. Unfortunately for you, your parents couldn’t talk you through the operation and limitless possibilities of the world’s hottest, most versatile electronic and programming utility bundle. You had to learn it the hard way through sweaty sessions in your best friends’ basement or all on your own, watching videos on the Internet.

For your kids, it can be different. You can be there for them, helping them learn and sparing them the embarrassment that you had to suffer just to learn how to make your name blink in red LEDs.

The Arduino is the most popular and easiest to use open-source, single-board microcontroller in the world. Its potential functions are only limited by the imagination. Start by picking up the Arduino Ultimate Microcontroller Pack, then find one of the thousands of open-source, public-domain projects available online. Next, sit your future controller programmer next to you and get making! While using Arduino definitely requires some level of adult assistance, it really is one of the best and easiest ways to start teaching your brood about real-world programming and electronics.

Before this pack came along, programmer hobbyists had to put their parts collection together piece-by-piece. Since this kit comes with more than a hundred components, there aren’t many tutorials out there you and your little de-bugger won’t be able to complete by making just this one purchase.  The board and its impressive variety of accessories produce real, tangible results that are as exciting to watch as they are fun to make!

There is a dazzling array of after-market and maker-friendly support for the Arduino. Here are some kid-friendly projects and resources:

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